Fawad Chaudhry Knows Very Well How To Blame India For Everything.

The ministers of Pakistan know that it is easier to blame others than to find some faults of own. That is why if any media asks some questions, then these people say that India did it. People of Pakistan are also strange when they say this, they also believe in it. Those people get ready to fight with India. Those people do not think whether ministers do not know how to tell lies. Those who do research will find this man talk nothing more than comedy. This man is not even ashamed to lie. The New Zealand cricket team went back without playing due to the possibility of a terrorist attack. So this man blamed India for this. He told that Om Prakash Mishra, who lives in India, threatened the New Zealand team by emailing them. That's why they didn't play cricket match. How the New Zealand government got fooled by a fake mail? Let me tell you that 'Om Prakash Mishra' is not an officer working in any government. He is a YouTuber who makes music videos.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan himself supports terrorists like Taliban. He says that America should give them money or else they will attack like before. So the good of the world lies in helping them. Taliban never respects women. In their government there are only their chosen people, in which there are no women. Under their rule, if women do not wear a burkha, they are punished in front of everyone. Women are not allowed to learn under their rule. Still Pakistan supports them.

Seeing this, we can understand the condition of women in Pakistan. According to a report, 26% of women in Pakistan who were in between the ages of 16 and 49 have suffered sexual assault. A girl named Noor Mukadam was raped and killed in Pakistan. More than 360 women were murdered in Pakistan in 2020. Recently a video went viral in which a Tiktoker girl named Ayesha Akram went to Minar-e-Pakistan to make a video. More than 100 people tore her clothes. When people do this during the day and in public places, then why won't these people commit crimes like rape in night.

Wion News covered this topic which was its duty. That is why media is made so that people should be given correct information. Instead of working against this crime, the Government of Pakistan blamed Wion News. Fawad Chaudhry said that Wion News channel belongs to India, so it wants to show that Pakistan is not safe for women. Even after seeing the video that the whole world has seen, this man feels that the media of India shows Pakistan wrong. Wion is only bringing out the truth. This is the world of the Internet, here the truth cannot be hide. But who will explain this to this man? They only know how to do corruption in Pakistan.