Indian Drama

Will Vivan Accept Reema's Love?

In the serial 'Sasural Simar Ka', Reema and Vivaan have gone to the wedding. Reema then takes Vivaan to the side and tries to talk to him. Reema says that I will behave well now give me a chance. I love you very much But seeing Vivaan's behavior, it does not seem that he will forgive Reema. Vivaan got angry with Reema due to this behavior.

All this was happening in the atmosphere of the wedding where all the guests and family members were there. That's why Vivan says stop this drama, everyone is watching. Reema is trying to talk to him when he starts leaving. Then Reema's bracelet gets stuck in Vivan's shirt. Then it seems that Vivan has fallen in love with Reema.

Now it has to be seen whether Vivan accepts Reema or not? But the people watching the serial 'Sasural Simar Ka' felt very bad after seeing this scene. People said that Reema has become good now, Vivan should accept her. One fan said that I am crying after seeing all this. Somebody else said trust her, mistakes happen only from humans. Noor wrote that earlier she did a very poor act, this is the result of that. She should know what the pain is. She will have to test her patience.

It seems that John likes this serial a lot, that's why he has written such a big comment. John wrote,' Not everything has to work on reema's terms. She manipulated him and took advantage of his love for her motives and that was on her terms. Now she has changed and that too by her choice. Vivaan is not obliged to forgive her for betraying him like that. His feelings matter and there is no off switch to it. He feels hurt and betrayed and he has every right to feel that way and take his own time to come out of it. Just because reema decided to change doesn't mean vivaan stops feeling hurt by what reema did. Turn the tables and I would love to see how many people would expect reema to forgive vivaan. Vivaan is not a puppet, he is a living breathing human being. Also let's not forget how much he fought his own family for reema. He even was ready to kill himself for God's sake'.